Client Feedback

“Brittany is very organized, with great time management skills. Which means I can not only rely on her to provide fantastic work, but it’s on time too which is important to meet my deadlines. Thanks, Brittany!” (Marcus Etches, Best Version Media)

“Brittany is a pro. We’ve searched high and low for a content writer and she was exactly what we were looking for. Her passion for writing comes through her work and it’s always a pleasure working with her.” (Paul Bonenfant, Chinook Media)

“My wife recently bought a small business in Taber. We went through this process with only a weeks’ notice of the opportunity, so there was no time available for a business plan, marketing plan, financing, or anything. It was a storm we were sailing through on an air mattress. Now that we were committed to this new business, we needed some help getting the word out. Brittany interviewed us and wrote a press release that held all the information that we needed, it maintained compliance with industry regulations and was an easy, engaging read. What really impressed me was Brittany’s follow-up. She has kept in contact with us regarding the marketing of my wife’s business, offered us support in getting a new logo created, and in the distribution of her press release. I would strongly suggest that any marketing strategy is incomplete without talking to Brittany.” (Tyrel McLelland, Kodiak Martial Arts)