Why don’t you blog for your business?

Blogging is time-consuming and planning out what to say to your audience can be difficult. We took a poll on our social media page, asking followers if they blog regularly for their business and if not, explain why they don’t. Only 27% said yes and 73% said no. While it was a small group that replied, many business owners are likely in the “no” column.

Here are some of their reasons why they don’t blog regularly:

  1. No time
  2. Industry compliance regulations/access
  3. Don’t know what content to share

Others commented that they do want to blog more and see the value in sharing their expertise with their customers.

Blogging does share your story, but it also has other uses. In terms of search engine optimization (SEO), blogging allows businesses to incorporate keywords into their site, which helps the website rank higher in search results. This is a long-term game so don’t expect to top the rankings list after one 200-word blog. It takes time and consistency to move up in search results.

If time and content are your biggest barriers, try hiring someone to write regular blogs for you. If you can also find a copywriter experienced in your field that understands any industry regulations, such as those in financial fields or health, even better! A copywriter should suit your needs so ask about their background and what their specialty is to see if it’s a good fit. Be sure to include keywords and a good image (see my next blog for details on why this is important).

To learn more about how Coulee Communications can write your business’ blogs, get in touch with us on our Contact Page.

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