Facebook and Instagram booming in Lethbridge and area

Social media is not just for the “youngsters” and hasn’t been for quite some time. This means more opportunities for businesses like yours to reach customers from all walks of life and interact them.

A quick search in Facebook Ads of Lethbridge and area (+80 km radius) shows a potential reach of 83,000 people over the age of 18 through Facebook. Per day, 1,500 – 3,900 of these people are active on the site. Crazy right? Facebook in our area is widely used and people sign on multiple times a day.

We have numerous local interest groups and pages related to everything from pets to knitting to roast and toast groups. With such an active Facebook audience, it just makes sense for local businesses to engage with the public through a platform they’re already using.

Meanwhile, Instagram has 26,000 users in the area, with a daily reach of 1,200 – 3,100 people. That’s no small number either.

Another great feature of Facebook ads is you can specify your target audience to whatever radius you want, age range, gender, language, even their interests listed on their profile. Best of all, tracking your results is easy.

Whether you’re interested in ads or social media engagement, there are thousands of potential customers you could be reaching through Facebook and Instagram each day!

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